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Domestic Electricians

At JCB Contractors, we are skilled & qualified to carry out a wide variety of domestic electrical work from repairs to new installations.

We can help with re-wiring, changing of consumer units, switch and socket installations and security lighting.

At JCB Contractors we are proud of our wide range of skills, experience and our customer care - everything you could ask for in an electrician.

Re-wiring old houses

Many older houses were built at a time when 60 amps was considered a sufficient amount of electricity for a single residence.
By contrast, most new homes are built with 150 or 200 amp service.

New wiring systems can often be run near the old wiring - ensuring minimum disruption and disturbance to the existing building structure.

Re-wiring old houses

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can be of benefit for a number of reasons.

Task Lighting can be of assistance to guide you around areas such as pathways & drives and can provide additional comfort and security in particularly dark areas.

Decorative Lighting can be used around buildings, garden areas & patios to create an extra dimension of mood and atmosphere.

Benefits of outdoor lighting

Led Downlighting

LED Downlights are the most advanced type of downlighting available.
The main advantages of using LED Downlights is that they are long lasting and energy efficient, providing energy savings of 80 - 90% when compared to more traditional forms.

LED downlighting
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